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Assalamualaikum and hye

So today I'm gonna share to you guys about my daily skincare routine. Actually it has been years since I wanted to do this entry but then, yeah, let's begin!

Before we start, I want to make it clear that, this products may be useful to my skin type but may be not so useful or suitable to your skin type.. who knows. I already used this products for about 6 years already. I started since I was 13 years old and yeah its really great to my skin and I LOVE IT!

Maybe you can make use of the tips that I'm gonna share to you even though you're not using the products that I'll mention after this. Nevermind.

So this are the products that I've been using for all this time.

↑ There, you see? I only use this products ever since the puberty hits hahaha..

Okay I'm gonna talk about this brush up here first ↑

I bought this Pobling brush last year and let's say that I've already used it for about a year then.. Well actually this brush is not so essential. BUT, if you want a deep cleansing to your face like yeah, buy one and give it a try! Sure worth the money. Don't ask me the price because I already forgotten. But I think it's just around RM20 something.. and I bought it online through Instagram. 

The major reason why I bought this last year is because, my face once being attacked by a huge giant pimple and it left like a huge giant acne scar on my right cheek. It was totally disturbing. So, I decided to buy this Pobling brush. After I used it for about a week, the huge giant acne scar totally disappeared, Thank God! Oh almost forgot to mention that this brush use a 3AAA battery and once you press that grey diamond-shaped button it will vibrate. So comfortable yet relaxing to have a face massage at home!

I found out that Sephora also has the face cleansing sponge, haven't try that one yet.

So this is the face cleanser that I've been using for my entire life! Never have a thought about changing this to another product because this guy right here is totally hands down! This is the Safi Balqis White Trilogy Facial Cleanser. Since my skin type is a normal skin, so I use this one as my face cleanser. It has another type of face cleanser with the brick red packaging but that one is for the oily and acne skin type. 

This one has like a kiwi scent but not too strong and disturbing. I like the smell somehow. So I used this guy right here together with the Pobling brush up there to vanish my giant acne scar. It's worked! 

I also found out that Safi Balqis came out with the Safi Balqis White Trilogy 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner. I already used it for like a couple of times but that one is totally a no-no since I kinda allergic to the toner's formula. I don't know why.

Last but not least, this Safi Balqis White Trilogy Kiwi Scrub. Obviously, this is a face scrub. Now, I already used this for about a year, due to my blackheads issue on top of my nose tip. I think I kinda love it even though it's not that hype as their face cleanser. I didn't use it like every single day, just a couple days per week. And I'll wash my face with the face cleanser right after I scrub my face with this thing. I also use this together with the Pobling brush for a better result.

And yeah Safi Balqis also came out with another type of face scrub for the oily and acne skin type. That one also has a brick red packaging.

The outcome is great though, my face feels really clean and soft. It's like a great way to start and to end my day.

Okay pardon my annoying face there, I just want to show the result after I scrub and wash my face. Still have a very tiny acne scar there on my right cheek (if you can see, please don't zoom in) but I'll make sure it'll vanish soon. Hehe

I think that's all for this entry. Oh but this is not like my entire skincare routine since the face mask is not included. I'll write about that in my next entry. So, till here then I'll see you soon!

Regret nothing, trust yourself,
Ilia Natasya

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Blogger atheera dayana said... 16 January 2017 at 20:05

I Need to start using deep cleansing brush too hehe nice sharing

XX Atheera | XX

Blogger Ilia Asya said... 17 January 2017 at 04:35

Yeah you should give it a try! Hehe my pleasure <3

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