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Assalamualaikum and hye

Countdown lagi 2 hari nak habis final and lagi 4 hari nak balik kampung. Gosh I'm so excited! Harap2 banjir dekat Kelantan surut cepat2 sebab aku nak balik. Aaminnn..

So harini aku nak update pasal aku punya current go-to makeup routine.. Term "go-to" makeup ni maknanya setiap kali aku nak keluar, confirm aku akan makeup mcm ni. haa.. gitu. Biasanya "go-to" makeup ni yang natural looking je la, makeup biasa2 je.. Ha lain la kalau nak gi event. Tu nanti aku update lain kali okay?

I'll write down step by step based on how I use to do my go-to makeup. So don't worry if you guys will get confuse what to wear first, what to do first etc. But if you still confuse, you may ask me in the comment box down below for further explanation etc.

1. So, usually I used to start my makeup by applying the colour corrector to hide my face discolorations. Face discolorations ni contohnya mcm eyebag, redness dekat sekeliling hidung ke mulut ke.

The product that I used is Catrice Allround Concealer Palette. I bought this from Watson Ioi City Mall.. I usually don't remember the price but I think this cost only about RM20 something something.

How to apply:
- Green colour : tap tap at the redness around my nose and mouth
- Pink colour : tap tap at my eyebag

That's all. I don't really use the other 3 shades but I think that is for contouring. Just maybe. 

2. Next step is applying foundation.

My current favourite foundation is from Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Serum Foundation. Mine is in the shade 52 Vanilla. I also bought this from Watson Ioi City Mall. The price is around RM53 something I don't remember. But I bought this for RM49.90 since it's on promotion at that time. Hehe.. 

It is very very affordable. Why I like this foundation is because it is very light weighted, cover for about light to medium coverage, the smell of the mix fruits is not too strong and disturbing in fact it is very relaxing. It doesn't get cakey on my face and yeah, that's why I like it.

How to apply:
- I usually use only 1 to 2 pump to cover all over my face
- I usually apply this with my buffing brush but let me tell you, when I tried to apply this foundation with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, the outcome is da bomb! Much much better than when I applied using my buffing brush yet so flawless and blended easily! 

3. I will apply my concealer at my under eye and at my T-zone.

I'm using this NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade Vanilla. I bought this at NARS Cosmetics Mid Valley Megamall. It retails RM112 if I'm not mistaken. I usually used this to highlight my under eye and to conceal my pimple's scar etc.

How to apply:
- Apply a little under the eye area just for highlighting 
- Apply also at the T-zone. T-zone ni dekat area dahi, batang hidung sampai dagu. 
- Blend well using buffing brush / beauty blender.

4. Set my face using powder.

Set your full face with any type of powder is compulsory to avoid your face become oily and your foundation last longer. As for me, I use this Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder in the shade Light to set my entire face. I already used this for ages. I bought this from Guardian. The price is around RM53 something something.

How to apply:
- Apply to the entire face using powder brush
- Make sure that it well blended especially at the under eye area

5. Now, my face is done. I'll continue with my brow.

The products that I used to do my brow is Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil in 04 Midnight Brown and Maybelline Fashion Brow Palette in Dark Brown. The price for the Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil is around RM80 if I'm not mistaken and the price for the Maybelline Fashion Brow Palette is around RM20 something..

How to apply:
- I start with draw the line for my brow shape using the Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil
- Then, I will fill in my brow using the Maybelline Fashion Brow Palette (I use the most darker shade)
- Be careful to fill only at the end of the brow up till the middle of the brow. And don't fill the front part of the brow cause it will only make your brow looks terribly weird. 
- After that, I will define my brow using brow definer. Make sure to blend the front part of the brow first to get rid of the line that you draw earlier. Then, continue defining the middle to the end part of the brow.
- Finally, I will conceal any excess that outreached the brow shape that I drew earlier using my concealer. Be careful not to use so many concealer and make sure it well blended.

6. Let's move on to the eye. 

Before I start applying my eyeshadow, I will apply the eyeshadow primer first. I'm using Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Original. The purpose of applying this eyeshaow primer is to make sure that the eyeshadow will last longer. I bought this from Sephora for RM85.

How to apply:
- Apply a little at the eyelid and blend using ring finger

7. Then, I will start applying my eyeshadow.

I'm using this Too Faced Natural Matte Palette. I also bought this from Sephora. It costs RM130 something if I'm not mistaken. I just don't remember the price huhuhu.. 

This is how the palette looks like..

So here is a little swatches on my hand. It has a lot of cute natural looking colours. And the most important thing is that it is completely matte. All of the shades are matte. For your information, I'm a matte lover. My favourite shades are Strapless and Honey Butter. I usually wear Strapless if I want a natural pinky eye. I also wear Honey Butter if I want a natural orange tone eye. I also love to combine both shades for a more sweet pinky-oranges eye colour..

How to apply:
- I start by setting my eyeshadow primer using the base shade (Heaven/ Lace Teddy/ Nudie)
- I will apply Strapless all over my eye lid
- Next, I will apply Honey Butter also all over my eye lid to soften the pinky colour.
- Lastly, I will apply a little of the Chocolate Cookie shade on my outer corner and blend out to my crease for a more darker look. 
- Make sure that all of them is well blended
- I will also apply the Heaven shade at my brow bone to highlight my brow bone and to make it look popped.

8. Draw winged eyeliner.

I don't usually wear eyeliner but sometimes I do wear just a little to maintain the natural looking. I only added the wing at the outer corner of my lid and that's it. I don't go over my lash line etc. The wing is just enough. 

9. Apply the mascara.

So this is my most favourite mascara, the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. I bought the travel size that costs RM55 at Sephora. 

Why I like this mascara is because of the small applicator that allow me to apply at my eyelashes easily. I also can apply this at my lower lashes easily because of the small applicator. So convenient!

10. Now, it's time to contour. 

I'm using this Benefit Hoola Bronzer to contour my cheekbones. I got this for free when I bought the Benefit Gimme Brow and the 3D Brow Tone. Huhu..

How to apply:
- I start at the end of my cheekbone, going down to the middle of my cheekbone a little and going back up of my cheekbone and blended well
- Make sure not apply too much up till the mouth area cause it will make you looks weird.
- For more understanding you may search the tutorials from Youtube

11. Applying blusher.

I'm using Sephora Blusher in the shade Sweet On You! This is more to pinky-peach tone. Totally forgotten the price since I've bought this long long time ago.

How to apply:
- I apply this the same way as I apply my bronzer
- I apply just at my cheekbone and make sure that it is well blended and done

12. Lipstick

So this is my current go-to lipstick, this is the MAC Matte Lipstick in the shade Velvet Teddy. I bought this for RM78.

This is a nude pink colour which is very natural looking and I'm a nude lover! I love nude colour so damn much.. It is also very light weighted and it will dry matte on my lips. It is also a kissproof. It has like a slightly vanilla scent but it is not too strong and smells so good! I love it!

So thats complete my current go-to makeup routine. If you have any doubt please kindly ask me at the comment box down below. Till here then, I'll see you soon! Bye guys.

Regret nothing, trust yourself,
Ilia Natasya

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Blogger fil said... 12 January 2017 at 10:27

wat la tutorial make up...hehehe...

Blogger Ilia Asya said... 13 January 2017 at 22:52

Haha.. Terfikir jugak tp sis bukan vlogger. Sis blogger je.

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